Sheet metal bending with a hydraulic press allows for careful execution of the element and 100% repeatability of the shape in the case of multiple orders. Our sheet metal bending is characterized by accuracy and quick execution time, which of course translates into the high quality of the service provided.

We perform our sheet metal bending according to the following principles:

  • element length up to a maximum of 4000 mm
  • element width up to 3000 mm
  • we offer sheet metal bending, folding and wrapping
  • we bend and straighten flat bars
  • we bend elements of any shape into any other shape
  • repeatability of elements
  • any number of ordered copies

We have our own production hall equipped with machines such as: CNC plasma burner (up to 35 mm), a laser for cutting steel, lathes, milling machines, band saws and Mig-Mag welding machines. We provide processing for the installation of ICT services, as well as independent projects for the automotive, automation and robotics, hydraulics, machine industry and many others.


Services provided by our production department:

  • CNC cutting
  • Laser cut
  • Bending sheet metal and other elements

Quality control

Our Quality Control Department is responsible for the final effect of our processes and for meeting metrological requirements.

Fast order fulfillment time:

As one of the few companies, we are able to complete orders within 24 hours of the order.