Telecommunications infrastructure

In 2007, as one of the first companies in Poland, we started working on our own telecommunications infrastructure, which we want to make available to operators based on a long-term rental model. Currently, we have over 120 facilities for rent to telecommunications operators at our disposal, and we are constantly working on the construction of new facilities throughout the country.

So far, the sharing of a telecommunications tower by several operators has been associated with a number of difficulties and limitations resulting, among others, from market competition or divergent technical standards. Thanks to our experience, we have created a unique offer which, based on the non-standard needs of operators, offers various cost optimization scenarios on the operator's side.

As part of the service, we offer:

  • taking over responsibility for the operation,
  • implementation of the construction process in the indicated area (acquisition, design, construction, implementation of equipment),
  • implementation of adaptation works,
  • maintenance of tower facilities and teletechnical infrastructure,
  • monitoring,
  • access supervision,
  • providing electricity at the facilities,

Currently, we have over 280 facilities in our database for the installation of telecommunications infrastructure and over 3,000 plots for the construction of telecommunications facilities.

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of land, including land intended for the construction of photovoltaic farms.

The telecommunications infrastructure lease market in Poland is just taking shape and as a country we are at a very early stage of its development. However, all analysts agree that this is the direction in which the telecommunications industry will go.

Currently in Europe there are approx. 600 thousand. telecommunication towers and masts - 18% of which are in the hands of specialized companies and infrastructure funds. According to TowerXchange analyzes, operators' savings from lease of the tower can range from 25% to 35% of operating costs.

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