ZeroSite® is a worldwide unique solution of a base station hidden in a lantern or pole prepared by our designers.

The use of ZeroSite® allows you to solve many problems of cities and mobile network operators around the world, such as:

  • high street lighting costs,
  • no tall objects,
  • obstacles to acquiring new locations for base stations,
  • inferior quality mobile services in some parts of the city,

Our ZEROSITE design is primarily used for the installation of base stations of mobile network operators, the antenna compartment allows the installation of 3 sector antennas and up to 12 RRU devices. This solution is used both in currently used systems, e.g. LTE, and is ideal for applications in the construction of 5G networks. However, this is not its exclusive use. The set of additional functionalities provides a number of other smart city functions, such as:

  • Street lights,
  • intelligent sensors monitoring specific location parameters,
  • video monitoring,
  • notification system about accidents or SOS threats,
  • Hotspot internet access,
  • electronic information board,
  • charger for cars and other electrical devices,
  • solar power systems,
  • and many others depending on the needs of a given location,

When designing the ZeroSite® structure, we put special emphasis on the construction time, all elements arrive at the construction site in one transport, and the total time to erect the structure does not exceed 12 hours.

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ZeroSite® is a multi-functional platform that accelerates the digitization of cities and provides development opportunities for many entities operating in the urban space.

Patented solution

ZeroSite® is a unique telecommunications infrastructure products and solutions for our partners and customers.

P-P partnership

Thanks to the cooperation with local governments in the Public-Private Partnership model, our product is available to all localities without the need to incur additional costs by their local governments.



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