IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a perfect solution for companies that want to focus on the main aspects of their business. Entrusting IT infrastructure to specialists helps to obtain high-quality technical and logistic support while reducing costs.

At ALGO, we relieve you of problems with IT infrastructure, and also offer comprehensive advice and assistance in introducing new solutions.

As part of IT Outsourcing, we offer:

  • Servicing the software of workstations and servers remotely or at the customer's site,
  • Installing, updating and configuring the software and removing errors,
  • Reconfiguration of post-warranty equipment,
  • Network security management,
  • Regular backup of data located on workstations and servers,
  • Consulting in the field of company computerization,
  • Delivery of computer equipment,
  • Construction, modernization and installation of computer networks.

What cooperation models do we propose?

We can implement our cooperation with you in several ways, depending on individual needs.

  • OnSite Model - we perform commissioned tasks on site, at your premises
  • Remotely (OffSite Model) - we execute orders remotely, without the need to be at your premises. In this way, we are able to carry out most of the work related to removing software defects, introducing updates or changing system settings. In the case of problems that cannot be solved online, our specialist will visit your company.
  • By phone - our specialist will provide you with instructions over the phone, explaining step by step what to do to remove the defect. He will also be happy to answer your questions. In difficult cases, it is possible to carry out a service order on site.
  • In the mixed model - it is a combination of all 3 methods above, and which one will prevail depends on your needs.

IT outsourcing with ALGO means:

  • Maximum concentration on the key tasks of your business,
  • No need to create a new job,
  • Reduction of the costs of conducting specialized trainings,
  • No risk related to sickness or leave of the employee,
  • Reducing the costs of running a business (Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution),
  • Increasing the competitiveness of your company,
  • Quick and effective problem solving,
  • Increasing the efficiency of IT systems.

We provide full freedom of cooperation with our specialists - we sign an agreement with each of our clients that guarantees full confidentiality and protection of the company's data by all our specialists.

We provide a minimum 12-month warranty for all service work, for purchased components in accordance with the manufacturers warranty.