The implementation of "turnkey" projects means providing our clients with precise solutions tailored to their needs. For many years, we have been offering this model of cooperation to both individual and business clients as well as local governments.

Turnkey projects in a few steps:


We start the project implementation by identifying the reasons why the client made the decision to build the infrastructure and by defining his expectations and needs. Thanks to this, we are able to indicate possible technological variants and show the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solutions, and then choose the optimal method.


At ALGO, we offer a full range of services including radio network planning. With the participation of our team of competent engineers and advanced planning tools, we create digital radio networks of various types - projects of stationary systems of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mobile point-to-multipoint systems, regardless of the producer and transmission technology. We have experience in designing extensive radio link networks using 5G, eLTE, LTE, Narrow Band, GSM, LMDS, WiMAX, WiFi, TETRA technologies.

Telecommunications systems require specific accompanying infrastructure. The devices must be located in specially adapted rooms equipped with power and teletransmission connections.

We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions:

  • We adjust the telecommunications system design to the existing infrastructure,
  • We carry out and implement construction projects:
    - telecommunications towers and masts in steel and aluminum technology,
    - supporting structures for antennas on existing facilities (buildings, telecommunications towers, chimneys, etc.),
    - telecommunications containers and adaptation of existing rooms for communication purposes,
  • We provide expert opinions on the strength of the structure in terms of the installation of the antenna system,
  • We implement environmental impact projects for structures and antenna systems,
  • We conduct comprehensive administrative proceedings to obtain construction permits,
  • We help to minimize investment outlays and maintenance costs of existing installations.


We have the necessary equipment (cars, excavators, compressors, compactors, devices for jacking under roads and for working at heights, measuring tools), experience and specialized staff with telecommunications and construction qualifications and knowledge in the field of modern solutions.

Our services include:

  • Adaptation and renovation of rooms in terms of communication needs,
  • Construction and equipment of the server room,
  • Earthworks related to foundation,
  • Delivery and assembly of telecommunications towers and masts in steel and aluminum technology, supporting structures for antenna systems, personal security systems (anti-fall), horizontal and vertical cable routes, telecommunications containers, electricity supply systems, fencing systems, fire protection and anti-burglary systems,
  • Increasing the functionality and strength of existing facilities (e.g. increasing the load capacity of the tower or increasing it),
  • Land reclamation.


We carry out orders for telecommunications operators, local government units and private investors.

Customer first.

We are here to indicate specific solutions to the problems reported to us.

We take full responsibility for the results of the "turnkey" project at every stage of its implementation, from signing the contract to delivering the service.

Thanks to "turnkey" projects, we provide comprehensive services to you, also in the case of large investment projects. We provide ready-made solutions and often go beyond the standard process of service implementation.