What is the formal and legal service of investments?

Each construction, regardless of the type of investment it is, requires formal and legal service. We are talking about all kinds of projects, their documentation, permits and notifications. Many of them have to be implemented in a particular legal order.

The right order or the necessary permits and permits is the vestibule of formal and legal services. Individual connections or gas, water and electric installations may also require permits, notifications or the issue of plans, geodetic surveys. Each administrative action lasts from several days to several months. Inadequate management of the formal and legal structure may extend the investment by many months, and in extreme cases even for years. Additionally, the extension of such a process raises construction costs.


Why is it worth entrusting us with formal and legal services?

Comprehensive formal and legal services can be entrusted to experts. An architect, designer, site manager, building supervision inspector can take care of all the formalities. Speech is, inter alia, on creating a project, building permit or permission to perform specific works to adapt the area.

Specialists will ensure the high quality of the projects and works performed, as well as the quick implementation of all permits and permits. In addition, professional experience means that at each stage of the investment implementation, they know what documents will be necessary, how much should be applied for in advance, e.g. maps at the surveyor's office, so as not to delay design or construction works.


Why us ?

We provide comprehensive legal and formal support for investments. We are able to lead a project at any stage of the administrative process. As ALGO, we have been running projects in the telecommunications and electricity sectors for 15 years. We offer assistance in submitting applications to all state institutions. We comprehensively carry out industry arrangements for all investments. some of our employees have 30 years of experience in conducting investments and project management.



Many years of experience

We have been delivering reliable ICT sizes since 2004, previously as Przedsiębiorstwo Techniczno Innowacyjne ALGO and since 2015 as ALGO Poland Sp. z o.o.

Turnkey Projects

Thanks to the implementation of a "turnkey project", the client receives a solution precisely tailored to his needs, not limiting it in further development and meeting the requirements.

ALGO has many years of experience in running such demanding projects, often based on various technologies and solutions.

Customer satisfaction

Due to the fact that our company has extensive experience in the field of industrial automation installations