Smart City

Smart City services ensure better organization, efficient information exchange and integration of vital business processes of the city. The implementation of smart services in the city is not only about choosing an item from the offer - it is also an analysis of the needs, requirements, possibilities and methods of implementing services, as well as determining the financing options and selecting the investment and operational model.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer solutions from both the world's leading companies and smaller manufacturers providing products for every budget. Each time we provide services tailored to your district, city or commune in the shortest possible time, without the need to invest in expensive teletransmission infrastructure.

Infrastructure management

Smart City allows you to comprehensively manage city infrastructure and control it in real time. Using the latest technologies, including data transmission in IoT (LoraWAN) standards and the infrastructure of existing operators, e.g. LTE networks, you can monitor the city through:

  • Determining the level of environmental pollution,
  • Traffic management,
  • Supporting the operation of municipal services,
  • Lighting system management,
  • Water supply and sewage system management.

Efficient infrastructure management:

  • It significantly improves the safety and comfort of life of residents,
  • Supports the implementation of joint programs,
  • Facilitates the use of public utility facilities,
  • Reduces environmental pollution,
  • Reduces the reaction time in crisis situations,
  • Lowers administrative costs.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems are systems combining various technologies (telecommunications, IT, automatic and measurement) and transport management techniques in order to protect the lives of road users, increase the efficiency of the transport system and protect natural resources.

ITS includes:

  • Traffic light control system,
  • Paid entry system to the city center,
  • Dynamic passenger information system,
  • System informing about traffic and unusual events,
  • Monitoring and supervision of the transport of hazardous substances.

The use of ITS brings numerous benefits to both residents and logistics and transport companies, as well as an innovative way to increase the smooth operation of the city.


The monitoring system in Smart City solutions is widely used in video monitoring and highly developed systems for monitoring electricity consumption and forecasting the state of the environment.

Video surveillance allows for a significant improvement in the safety of residents - a camera system located in the city, adapted to the requirements of individual municipal services, supports the activities of the police, municipal guards and fire brigades. It enables face recognition, detection of theft and intrusion, information about fires and dangerous events, people counting, reading license plates and alerting about unattended objects.

Systems monitoring energy consumption and forecasting the state of the environment help to adjust the amount of light to the current demand, detect faults, improve road safety as well as control and reduce costs. It is also possible to monitor air pollution in cities and conduct additional measurements going beyond the activities of the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. The systems also enable the residents to be informed about the current air condition through information boards, a web portal and mobile applications.

Our solutions make the life of city dwellers much easier.

We support:

  • Infrastructure management,
  • Intelligent transport systems,
  • City monitoring,
  • Electric vehicle charging systems,

Our company's activities focus on the delivery of comprehensive infrastructure for smart city systems.