Our company offers laser cutting of aluminum and steel sheets, because it is the most modern and fastest method of CNC processing of any sheet thickness, with maximum detail and minimum post-production waste. In a nutshell, CNC cutting allows you to obtain the desired top-quality product in the shortest possible time. Please contact us for a quote (click here).


  • 100% repeatability of the projects performed - using the CNC method, all separate elements look identical,
  • narrow cutting gap and minimal waste - this leads to maximum material savings,
  • no deformation and perfect surface smoothness - the use of our method non-invasively affects the appearance and quality of steel or aluminum sheets,
  • fast service delivery time - each time our clients receive the goods made at a predetermined date.

We have our own production hall equipped with machines such as: CNC plasma burner (up to 35 mm), a laser for cutting steel, lathes, milling machines, band saws and Mig-Mag welding machines. We provide processing for the installation of ICT services, as well as independent projects for the automotive, automation and robotics, hydraulics, machine industry and many others.


Services provided by our production department:

  • CNC cutting
  • Laser cut
  • Bending sheet metal and other elements

Quality control

Our Quality Control Department is responsible for the final effect of our processes and for meeting metrological requirements.

Fast order fulfillment time:

As one of the few companies, we are able to complete orders within 24 hours of the order.